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The Llaüt, cultural heritage of the Balearic Islands, was originally a boat propelled by the lateen sail and used for trawling thanks to its great solidity and perfect stability for the typical maritime conditions of the Balearic Sea.
Currently, In addition to retaining its use in professional fishing, this boat has evolved to satisfy all kinds of recreational and sport fishing activities, they are the well-known Llaüts de Señor, equipped with all the modern systems and technologies to accommodate its occupants on their days off. summer vacation at sea.

Our Llaut:
Es BERGANT es un Llaüt mallorquín ensamblado minuciosamente a mano por los astilleros Bennasar de Alcudia. Su casco está construido en fibra de vidrio y su interior al completo, así como su cubierta principal y detalles exteriores, están construidos con maderas nobles y de exquisita calidad como la teca de Birmania.

It also has ample living spaces thanks to its 9.26m length and 3.30m beam. Two powerful 200hp volvo engines propel her through all kinds of weather conditions with great poise and comfort, making her a very seaworthy boat capable of enjoying an unforgettable experience.


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